Royal Star Venture headlight mod

On the way home from South Dakota last summer Mike's Venture headlight caught a rock somewhere and broke the lense. An official replacement lense is very expensive so Venture owners have found ways to fix the lights at a much lower cost.

John is our Venture guru so he undertook the task of replacing Mike's headlight. He even took the pictures!

The damaged headlight lense.

Here is the new headlamp he used...$27.99 for two (with bulbs) on Ebay!

The first step is to remove the fairing and windshield. If you have the driving lights (and 2 people) you can simply loosen them and work the outer fairing off around them - GENTLY! Otherwise the driving lights have to be loosened to make clearance for the fairing.

Remove the two 5mm Allen bolts from the 10:00 and 2:00 o'clock positions and then remove the two headlight adjuster bracket bolts from the right side as you face the bike. One is 5mm and one is 6 mm Allen head.

Remove the headlight assembly.

Remove the adjuster screw and knob. Count the number of turns so you will be in the ballpark for reassembly! They are shown in the above photo in the 11:00 and 1:00 o'clock positions. This one was 24.75 turns for the knob and 21.5 turns for the screw.

Remove the springs and all of the plastic clips with needle-nosed pliers so that you donít melt them in the next step. You can also bend the tabs on the headlight retainer ring in this step and remove it as well. Place the mount and retainer ring aside with the other parts.

Place the headlight bucket GENTLY in a vise and heat up the lens with a heat gun. If your lens is cracked you will probably witness it crack even more as the heat is applied. You should also note the adhesive on the outer perimeter start to melt and soften as the heat works its magic!

With a straight screwdriver pry the glass away from the bucket being careful not to bend the metal. This is the result I got: 4 Easy pieces! While the metal is still warm clean the remaining adhesive from the bucket.

Now we need to cut out the bucket to accommodate the new headlight. I have seen a lot of instruction on cutting the bucket out right next to the outer flange. We decided to leave as much metal as possible for added strength. You have to very careful to not to cut the brackets on the bucket! We initially used a cutting wheel but switched to a small air reciprocating saw to do the job. It worked admirably.

Here is the finished product.

The new headlight has some locator dimples so we needed to cut some notches into the mounting ring. We also had to file off the dimple on the lower section of the new headlight because we felt it will compromise the bracketry. BE CAREFUL!

Generously apply some adhesive gasket around your new creation to hold the headlight in place and dampen vibration. We used blue RTV.

Install the headlight, retaining ring, and remount to the base.

The red and black wires are for the snazzy blue running light in the new headlamp!

Reinstall and re-aim as needed.

After you have done this modification you should now be able to easily replace a cracked headlamp without removing the assembly from the bike. Simply remove the retainer ring and headlamp, install the new headlamp and RIDE ON!

The blue running light was wired to come on with the driving lights.

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