Venture lightbar

One of the first accessories John wanted to put on the Venture was a front lightbar. I think they really make the front of the Venture look nice and well as added light to see and be seen. In preparation for future trips he brought his lightbar out to install.

The first step is to remove the front of the fairing. It's a simple job compared to my Goldwing.

Here I am doing John's work.

In no time the front of the fairing was off revealing the wiring for the turn signals (purple arrow). While everything was off we added a power wire for his GPS.

The turn signal bar is removed. The turn signals and the lowers will be reused.

The turn signals and lowers are installed on the new lightbar. The wiring is also fished through the bar.

The driving lights come with the ground wire grounded to the case. It relies on a contact ground to the lightbar, then the forks, can see where this is going. John ran true ground wires all the way to the framing to hopefully eliminate ground problems in the future.

The new lightbar is assembled and ready for installation. We used a power supply to test all the lights and connections.

The switch is installed next to the cigarette lighter plug. It's easier to drill this from the back.

The intended wiring setup is for the switch to power the lights directly. This isn't going to happen. We used the switch to power a relay which gets fused power directly from the battery. We tapped power for the switch off the cigarette light circuit so the lights will only be on with the key. Don't want any dead batteries. The relay and added wiring was securely tied up with zip ties.

The new lightbar. Nice!

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